Ensemble Linea

Ensemble Linea was founded in 1998 by the orchestra director Jean-Philippe Wurtz in Strasbourg.

An ensemble of international renown, Linea has been featured in major musical festivals and has performed in cities such as New York, Paris, Chicago, Seoul, Budapest, Brussels, Bilbao, Berlin, Huddersfield, Geneva, Lyon, Royaumont, and Prague. Their concerts have been also been played on radio stations, notably France Musique, the BBC, and Südwestfunk.

Linea has positioned itself in support of young composers and in doing so has commissioned works, composition and interpretation master classes, and concerts. It is also notable for its intercultural character, working from an international repertoire and engaging in exchanges with other ensembles from around the world.

From its beginning, Ensemble Linea has established connections and collaborations with notable contemporary composers such as Peter Eötvös, Brian Ferneyhough, Philippe Manoury, and Helmut Lachenmann.

Furthermore, since 2014 the ensemble has organized its own annual International Summer Academy of Contemporary Music in Strasbourg.

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